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Tiny Eden is the classic story of the fight between good and evil.

However the evil one finds there is the same evil you have in your own neighborhood.

Even if one finds himself marooned an Island - no one IS an Island.

Take the incredible journey into the unknown!
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Tiny Eden
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ISBN: 9781438927206

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Now available as e-book for
$ 5.99

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    "Tiny Eden" are a series of books - ( Vol. 1 - 3 are published ) - that demonstrate a different world view. It is a view that is based on the "natural facts" concerning us humans. It is not based on the lies and manipulations of the controlling entities as religion, right wing governments and foremost the Predatory Capitalistic Corporate Elite. With a world entering more and more a downward spiral of poverty, pollution and ever increasing war; the Tiny Eden books provide hope as well a different solution to many of the above mentioned issues. Also the original Vol. #1 was published in 1999, the message that it contains as well the message of hope contained in the sequels remains timeless!

    The Tiny Eden Series of books focus strongly on the mentor ship issues. Mentor ship is vital for any child. It is even more so important for the male child of our human species. After all it is predominately the Males who end up being the future dictators, terrorists, wife-beaters and others. Unfortunately no one is talking much about mentor-ship today.

About Tiny Eden

    Unlike many Non-Fiction works on society, government, politics and so forth; Tiny Eden makes the true problems easier understood as they are part and parcel woven into captivation accounts of love and courage. They ask you in essence:

    What would you do if you would find yourself suddenly marooned on an Island in the middle of the ocean where you "Know" there should be no Island?

    What if you then find out that this Island is also inhabited? Not just by some club wielding "savages", but also by an over 13,000-year-old civilization! The "savages" so it turns out are rather the "modern civilized people". For your own survival you are forced to take sides! Tiny Eden is this action packed fictional adventure story! Tiny Eden is the diary accounts of Capt. GŁnter K. Heyes and his crew and passengers spanning over 5 years of survival - and finally triumph. Challenging and controversial, since much of what GŁnter experiences is turning the world's view on things up side down!

    Tiny Eden is the classic story of the fight between good and evil. However the evil one find there is the same evil you have in your own neighborhood. It is the same evil that spreads its disinformation daily through the media and into the brain of the masses. Even if one finds himself marooned an Island - no one IS an Island.
Then take the incredible journey into the unknown!

About The Author

    GŁnter Heyes is the Pen Name of the author who wishes to use this name for the entire 8-9 book series of Tiny Eden. GŁnter was born in Austria, Europe and is now living in Montreal, Canada. He is in his 50's of age and has been in his life pretty much the character as he describes himself in the book. An accomplished Pilot and Mechanical Engineer. He is also a political activist.

    GŁnter Heyes is deeply concerned about social justice, the environment and foremost about human rights. He is also an atheist and pretty much everything the good old god-fearing right wing - hates. His political insights come from his past involvement with his country's Military Intelligence Service and naturally with his consequent exposure to the double-faced lies of big politics during his services. In the book, all his past experiences are well blended into the story. It often makes the reader wonder If this book is not fiction but truth after all?

    Well! It IS Real to a degree! Most of the Tiny Eden Story contains True Events that have been skillfully woven into the general content of the story.

GŁnter's books have one common thread throughout!

"Kill the dreams of a child today and you have created the Dictator or Terrorist for tomorrow... "

    For GŁnter, politics is always personal. Pretty much picking up on the saying - "What goes around, comes around" - the Book Tiny Eden underlines that an often so simple and almost unimportant gesture or action can have severe consequences for the future, be they negative or positive. What makes him such an accomplished writer is that he can take the "so boring" politics and turn them into gripping personal stories.


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