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Welcome to Project Nigua International

Project Nigua is meant to become a model to assist the underprivileged children, youth and their families in developing and emerging countries. Project Nigua is presently to begin its operation in the Dominican Republic in a town of the same name. The project was inspired by the very same people it intends to help. This website is meant to inform you about the goals of the project.

Project Nigua consists of some unique points of actions:

  • A Community based & self sustained "cottage industry" development project.

  • A self-financing continuous project with its foundation focused on recycling and environmental protection. In essence a "GREEN" way of life.

  • A strong emphasis on proper education for the underprivileged and yet talented young people.

  • The reason as to why the Dominican Republic has been selected for this project is simple: It was the idea of these people, especially the children that created this very project. It is not a dream of some people discussion something in a boardroom.
  • It is the idea of the very same people who wish for a better life.

We simply wish to change their existence ...