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Tiny Eden is the classic story of the fight between good and evil.

However the evil one finds there is the same evil that you have in your own neighborhood.

Even if one finds himself marooned an Island - no one IS an Island.

Take the incredible journey into the unknown!
Tiny Eden Cover

ISBN: 9781438927206 Price: $24.99 direct from publisher.

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Now available as e-book for
$ 5.99

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"Little Heroes" - Non-Fiction documentary - Is also available now as E-Book.

MikeyMike's Thoughts about Tiny Eden

    "Hi! My name is Mikey Martins. I am 17 now. I have read the original Tiny Eden and have been lucky enough to read the re-edited version long before it went back to the printers.

The 3rd edition just "rocks"!

    The book is amazing! I often wonder if GŁnter has used the term "fiction" as a joke. The story is so real! As a teenager the stories are for me amazing! They show me a world so real and so void of the "B.S." of modern society. Stories about love and forgiveness. About the environment and harmony with nature. Stories about solutions rather than problems.

    What is so amazing about Tiny Eden is its "prophetic nature". Mind you that GŁnter wrote this book way before the tragic events of 9/11! When he says he published it in late 1999, it meant that he had it written and finished the book way before this date.

    What also impressed me so much was the understanding that "politics are always personal". Tiny Eden shows that a personal decision can have a world wide impact. It kind of holds the mirror to society and one self.

    I have urged GŁnter to post a few excerpts from the book on this web-site. He let me choose the ones I liked most. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and do.

    Mind you, this Tiny Eden is just the 1st of a total of 8 books of this series. I had read the other 2 that are soon to be published. They are even better than the 1st! I also seen the remaining books in their various stages of being written.

    GŁnter writes with the idea that even us teens can understand the stories and find stuff that we can take from them and make them a part of our daily lives. I often re-read the stories that had had such a big impact on my life. When things go wrong, I go back to reading Tiny Eden and somewhere in the many stories is the solution that I am looking for.

I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends and I do.