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Welcome to my

jsfI am James Swift aka Fifi Frost.

Hello I have worked with homeless LGBTQQ kids for decades. There is no shelter out there like I am opening. I am a reality TV personality using my 15 minutes of fame to realize a lifelong dream. I have had kids contacting me thru my public fb page.
    James Swift aka Fifi Frost. Twitter @jamswft.

    I had 20 kids I drove food, condoms and clean clothes to 2 times a week. All minors and on the street. In 4 states. Now I have 14. 6 have been placed with relatives and are getting some help. I have been there at the age 15 after brutal anti gay conversion therapy from a recommendation from my church didn't change me. Well my good parents threw me away. I don't have to tell you what happens when someone is placed in that situation. I did things I am ashamed of. But I survived. If you can find it in your heart I ask you to please donate. We are in need for sure. So here is what I have in mind and where I need your help.


Through partnering with national and local businesses, offering online GED courses with local tutors. We will take the LGBTQQ castaways off the streets. Help them start the healing process to becoming productive members of society. Having a stable environment for the kids is the key to success. By addressing rejection, sexual abuse, family, social phobias, spirituality, and building esteem with employment training these amazing kids will be able to stand on their own with no help from their past. Which as records show they would not get anyway.

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You can also help by purchasing the "Tiny Eden" books of which we receive a steady 20% from each sale as a donation for our cause.