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Tiny Eden #1

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Tiny Eden is the classic story of the fight between good and evil.

However the evil one find there is the same evil you have in your own neighborhood.

Even if one finds himself marooned an Island - no one IS an Island.

Take the incredible journey into the unknown!
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ISBN: 9781438927206 Price: $24.99 direct from publisher.

Now available as e-book for
$ 5.99

Tiny Eden can also be purchased at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble on-line and is also available at Chapters in Canada. With ISBN: 9781438927206 it can ALSO be requested by your local library and bookstore.

Tiny Eden: - "Marco's Story"


    Available as E-book for $5.99

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    From a scared escaped slave of the sect he rises through the ranks of the resistance movement to a powerful member of the Freeland Intelligence Services.

    10 years after his kidnapping he finally returns to his homeland, not as a returning citizen, but in the capacity of an intelligence officer out for revenge. 10 years later in the same town from where he was kidnapped he encounters a shoeshine boy! - The same age! The same poverty and same dreams as Marco had back then ... The boy becomes his mirror to the past and the key to unlock the secrets of the sect.



    This is third story in the saga of Freeland, a South Indian Ocean Island paradise as told in the author’s previous two novels, Tiny Eden, and Carlos. The first story, Tiny Eden, is told from the perspective of Günter, a TP-47 pilot who crash-lands on a heretofore unknown South Indian Ocean Island, where, through the accounts in his diaries spanning a period of 62 months, chronicles the rise of Freeland from a nondescript island of inhabitants fighting a radical religious sect to a world super-power. The second account, Carlos, is told from the perspective of a captured member of the religious sect, first introduced in Tiny Eden.

    The story of Marco continues the development of the Freeland saga, this time through the eyes of a once innocent shoeshine boy in the Caribbean, who is seduced by a customer into accompanying him to his yacht where he is drugged, abducted, and put into the service of the religious sect whom Freeland opposes. The setting of the story, however, begins in the present, when Marco, now an adult, along with his co-agent, friend, and roommate Likos, both working on assignment in the Freeland Intelligence Service, are on assignment in the Caribbean, and are offered the services of another shoeshine boy, Fabiano, who, after a few meetings with Marco and Likos, seeks safe harbor at their residence from Senor Lopez, a ruthless real estate tycoon, and financier of a sect bible-study class, which Fabiano, along with several other boys whom we meet in due course, are forced to attend. As the story progresses, a strong bond develops between the two Freeland agents and Fabiano, who asks to hear the story of Marco’s enslavement, escape, and eventual capture and liberation by Likos

    The author recounts these episodes, describing the deepening bond of trust Marco develops with Likos, along with the capture of another boy-soldier of the sect, Tomas, by a series of flashbacks told at Fabiano’s bedtime. Parallel with these flashback episodes, is the telling of the agents’ mission on the Caribbean, the reuniting of Marco with his family, along with excursions to Freeland, where, just as the boy Toby was cured of AIDS in Tiny Eden, Marco’s mother is cured of diabetes, and his sister Linda is cured of diabetes induced blindness. All is not totally peaches and cream however, as the story deals with many family re-acclimation issues, such as Marco’s father being unable to accept his younger son Alfonso’s sexual orientation, his sister’s rejection of their father’s judgmental attitude toward her younger brother, culminating in a shocking and appalling revelation to Marco concerning his parents.

    The story ends with the parting of ways by the two long time friends and colleagues Marco and Likos, with Likos deciding to remain in Freeland, his home, and Marco returning to the Caribbean to continue his mission there. Once again the author develops a tale of intrigue, pathos, intimacy, love and redemption with all the charm and passion of his previous works. Once again, he presents a riveting, thoughtful and compassionate read that, like his other books, tells a story and delivers a message that will not be soon forgotten.


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