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Tiny Eden is the classic story of the fight between good and evil.

However the evil one finds there is the same evil you have in your own neighborhood.

Even if one finds himself marooned an Island - no one IS an Island.

Take the incredible journey into the unknown!
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Now available as e-book for
$ 5.99

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    Tiny Eden #1 is a story with many different levels. The first and most obvious level is as an adventure story. The life and times of GŁnter Heyes; as seen through his diaries. From being a distrusted outsider to the man who is the backbone of the fight for Freeland from the oppressive extremist group, the Divine Purification Movement (DPM). It chronicles the efforts of GŁnter and the passengers of his plane when they crash on an island after their power and controls mysteriously fail during a search and rescue operation. Through his association with a local boy named Ardos, it also shows how trust and love for those not like yourself can transform those who were once enemies into friends. The adventure speeds along with the ease and pleasure of a modern Edgar Rice Burroughs or Robert E. Howard at the controls.

    There is another level of the book that many readers will notice, and possibly be uncomfortable with. It is a more philosophical layer, but just as poignant as the adventure books. Along with the fight for Freeland, there is also the clash of cultures, where both the consumerist driven, and the religious community come into conflict of the older and, arguably, more sane laws of the Freeland People. 

    The themes of redemption and forgiveness along with love and acceptance are liberally, but not casually, interwoven into the narrative. And while some might groan at the thought of a story with the velvet glove, it simply covers a hand of steel which will back assert its right not to be assimilated by a corrupt corporate and religious world.

    In all, the story is a gripping piece of writing on its own, however the truths and philosophies of the Freeland Code require re-reading and meditation on the ideas presented versus the way the majority of the world lives today.

Ray Douglas


    When my copy of "Tiny Eden - Vol #1" arrived, I held this massive tome of a novel in my hands, and exclaimed: "My God! I'll NEVER get through this monster!" I then looked up Tolstoy's War and Peace to learn it was a novel of 696 pages. Tiny Eden's length (3rd ed), 696 pages. And then I gingerly opened the cover and found this story was told as a diary. Well, who reads other people's diaries? I then began to read, and found after 12 days of spare (and not so spare) time, I was finished. That is how engaging this amazing book was. An avid reader as I have always been, I have never tackled a work of this magnitude, both in length, and breadth of issues upon which the author covers, both controversial and mundane, in the enthralling setting of Freeland, an enchanting and mystery-filled land where the crew of VH-CKO, a cargo-carrying modified DC3, find themselves after crash-landing while on a maritime rescue mission.

    My first impression, was Lost Horizon on steroids! Having read James Hilton's 1933 classic as a boy, much beloved by so many over the ensuing decades, with it's Freeland-like Sang-ri-La, led me to believe I was in for a real treat. I was by no means disappointed. Tiny Eden took me through an engaging interplay, via the diary of Capt. GŁnter Heyes, of the rise of Freeland from an unknown backward island society to a world power under the leadership of Ardos, a prince destined to become Boy King, over a period of 5 years. This remarkable transformation of a previously unknown society into world prominence is catalyzed by the discovery and development of a new plant product heretofore unknown to science, along with the amazing capabilities of the controversial substance known as hemp, which can be employed for a dazzling variety and diversity of uses, from fuel to writing material, to the construction of strong ropes and textiles, among many other things.
    As other reviewers have mentioned, this story is a tale of intense emotions, of tragedy and triumph, of brutal religious fanaticism, and redemption through trust and strong moral character. It is a tale of love and devotion, a story of inter-generational relationships across both sexes, all mixed with a liberal dose of strong opinion on many contemporary political, social, moral, economic and religious issues of our time. Ultimately, it is a story of the triumph of good over evil, culminating in the emergence of a new kind of communitarian society based on a new kind of Constitution formulated as The Twelve Laws, stipulating the proper relationship of man to nature and the universe of which he is an inseparable part.
    I can't help but think that, had our contemporary societies been built on the precepts of these Twelve Laws, our world would be be a very different, and far better place in which to live. Kudos to a perceptive and compassionate author, who has proven to be as skilled with a pen on paper as with a joystick in a cockpit. I look forward with great anticipation to the publication of the future books in the series. They will, no doubt, enthrall me every bit as much as Tiny Eden did.


    First of all I'd like to say I give "Tiny Eden #1" a five star rating.

    The Book is truly fantastic. From the very first chapter it reels you in. Captain GŁnter Heyes brings his characters to life. They are so believable. As he tells his story you see it through his eyes just as if you are right there when everything is happening.
    This story will make you cry, laugh, cheer, and get so angry at times. The book is very well written. The character Ardos who to me is the main core of the story, he is a young boy but so wise beyond his years and he touches the hearts and souls of everyone he encounters. Those piercing blue eyes and that smile has a powerful way of just turning things around.
    Captain GŁnter Heyes and his crew crash on this land and things will never be the same again. I can only say that all the characters will enlighten you and truly make you think about your fellow man and woman. This book is a must read you will not be disappointed. - You will be anxious to read whats next in the series.

Algie R. Williams - (Police Officer)

    It is presented as "...the diary accounts of Capt. GŁnter K. Heyes and his crew and passengers spanning over 5 years of survival - and finally triumph."

    From the original manuscripts to the re-edited versions of this voluminous epic, I've seen the evolution of a fascinating story told in words only a well traveled and strongly opinionated writer could have presented. The writing style conveys a solid imagery for the active mind and instills an appetite to pursue reading the adventures and the intricacies brought forth by GŁnter K. Heyes.

    To my demanding critic criteria, I'll require that a book, manuscript submitted to my attention be generating an instant interest upon starting reading it. In this case, the author succeeds very well in getting my attention by figuratively painting an introductory canvas that does promise a diversity of possible scenarios that will only get me further hooked on this book.

    More so, there is also a good part of intelligent and challenging thoughts being interlaced with a story that keeps rolling through the chapters which keeps the reader riveted to this perpetuation of intricacies culminating to a conclusion that demands we ought to know more about the characters presented in this voluminous marvel.

    I'm told that other manuscripts have already been added to Tiny Eden becoming a series of extended novels in which some of the participating characters are being explored in their own individuality.

    I wouldn't be surprised that such an idea as Tiny Eden would become a feature movie in times ahead. The writing style surpasses that of Harry Potter's author and we all know how many movie sequels came out of those little novels.

    Tiny Eden - The Book: highly recommended for the cerebral inclined reader.

Peter Riden / TGB (The Grand Barn)

    Having read and enjoyed the the first edition of "Tiny Eden - Vol#1" I was surprised and delighted to read this re-edited and expanded copy.This new edition has all of the original text that was edited out of the first one and comes to life with all the scope and nuance that was so missing before.

    This is one terrific read and I will not hesitate to recommend it to anyone that has any interest in how a society should be run, and how people (including children) should be respected for what talents they have and how these talents can be encouraged and developed through mentoring.

    My thanks to the author and his choice of publisher.

    Ian Wallace - V.P. - Project Nigua


    I read "Tiny Eden Vol. #1" when I was sick. It kept me very much involved with reading it. With the urging of the one editor and the book I was able to push myself into doing more and getting better. The book reads as if real in every way and hits many emotions. Makes sense in so many ways I agree it takes a village to raise children. This shows how many people involved can give a child security, love an openness that's needed. Read THE whole story see what all it tells!

    The only way someone can deal with issues beyond what their used to is label and box it. The word love has many meanings some as to the way you grew up, have bad ideas associated with them. Even cultures have many meanings. In this book it has many good meanings as in the whole person, not just a part. That's why I said read THE whole book! Look at this with new eyes, new thoughts. Remember not every thing is according to believes say in U.S.A. there can be differences around the world. So the challenge is to see this book objectively, openly. Take a chance!